Tuesday, August 30, 2011

P90X Week 9: Recap and Results

This week was, well, nothing short of crazy, to say the least. Here's a little of everything happening:
  • First week of school with the boys (T started middle school and the Cy-guy starting his second year of Pre-K)
  • I cut my hours at work to about 30 hours a week.
  • P's hours start picking up at work so his crazy schedule begins too.
  • Planning the Cy-guy's 5th birthday party
  • Planning out a running P90X hybrid schedule with my soccer season.
So, my head has been spinning a bit, but I made sure to stay consistent with my workouts. During the workouts, I'm pushing hard too. My goal is to be as sweaty as possible at the end of the workout. Since I'm working out indoors, I don't have to fight humidity, but I need to make myself sweat. Sweat is liquid awesome, as I like to say. At this busy time, P90X is really my only stress relief and since I went part time at work, it's my only "me" time too. I really like this last month of P90X. The arm/chest/shoulder workouts are mixed up every week rather than the same repetition for three weeks. I have to admit, I am struggling with the Ab Ripper X. I was getting to the point of finishing it consistently or not taking breaks for my lower back, but this week I had to dig deep to bring it on the abs. My desired 6-pack just might have to wait.


My weight seems to be on the decline again, but I have to be cautious to make sure it's not dehydration again. With the hot soccer games lately, it's a possibility I need to remember. Other than that I'm maintaining and loving it. I can tell you I am feeling a little burn out, but I think it's more the hectic schedule right now than the actual P90X.

Here's to 3 weeks left of the first 90 day cycle!

Oh! If you have any questions for me or just curious about products I train with, foods I eat, whatever. Please...shoot me an email at carin.schaab@yahoo.com!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

P90X Week 8: Results and Recap

Can anyone say "Thank you, Recovery Week?!?!?!"

Last week ended up being a blessing in disguise, despite my enthusiasm to hit the weights and plyos hard! Between soccer training, work, P90X, and this unusually long streak of 100°+ temperatures, I had started to fade...quickly. I had read on the P90X message boards from Beachbody.com, as well as many other reviews that it can happen. The body just plain pooping out from the intense activity on top of a normal schedule.

On last Monday, I had planned to workout after my early morning doctor's appointment. I had to get in to switch my birth control to the Implanon, an arm implant to last for three years. After my doctor put it in and was giving me the care instructions for the week, she said "No lifting, and for you that especially means no weights, no push ups, and if it hurts, no running." My heart sank, but I knew I had to listen to her.

I promptly got home, pulled up my P90X schedule and realized it's Recovery week! Woohoo! No weights. Actually the only workout I couldn't do fully was the Core Synergistics due to pushups. A week with extra yoga and stretching made it possible for me not to find an alternative schedule for the week. I ended up being pretty rested for my first soccer game on Sunday!


I found this week that I only lost in the waist. Not a big loss, but it's the first time I can remember seeing a waist measurement below 30 inches! I also noticed that most of my measurements and weight are about the same as I started, but I'm not too concerned about that. I've had several questions of why do I think I'm gaining and if I'm disappointed. I'm gaining and having increasing measurements because I've been working to build muscle and change my body shape. There is no way I'm disappointed! I'm very pleased with the results I'm getting. I'm seeing strength where I never thought I could imagine it. Despite the incredible heat during my soccer game, I still felt pretty strong, stronger than I felt at the end of last season. Remember, I still have 4 weeks left of this first complete round to "Bring It!" After all, I need to work up to P90X2!!! Check it out!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

P90X Week 7: Recap and results

Week 7 went fast!!! Combined with school camps, getting the family ready to go out of town, and the hot, hot temperatures here in the Dallas area, P90X was honestly just something on my day's schedule to get done. I have noticed that I'm rarely sore after workouts anymore despite the massive sweat, oh wait, liquid awesome showers that happen during the hour of working out. Also, my cardio workouts are becoming easier and easier. The true test will be when soccer season starts.

On a surprising note, P and the boys attempted Yoga X with me this week. I have to give them all kudos because they wanted to try a family yoga session beginning with one of the most intense yoga workouts out on the market right now. I am currently on the hunt for something all for of us could try. Cy only wanted to do about 5 minutes. He can’t stay still for too long. P did about 15-20 minutes, which is so cool that he tried. T, by the way, is totally awesome. He hung with me for 45 minutes. He did all the vinyasas of Yoga x. I was such a proud mom!


I've gained some inches and lost as well. My weight and my waist measurement I have been able to maintain. I keep thinking it's because my muscles are becoming more awesome. I know part of my current little plateau is due to me laxing a bit on my meal planning, which leads to not so great choices all the time for me. I'm not talking about fast food and super junk food, but more cheese on foods, a little more of the "foods-only-my-kids-will-eat", not enough fresh veggies and fruits. It's amazing what a difference little details or a little slacking in the diet can do. Thank goodness I have my Shakeology® to help out in the veggie/vitamin/nutrient department.

I realized I've only got about 5 weeks left of this first round of P90X. Wow. I can't wait for the day I get to write the "Week 12, Day 90" post!


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Weekend Country Run

My favorite thing about running is how easy it is to change up your environment and in turn, recharge your excitement about running. This past weekend I went to visit my parents. It was our last chance before our school year started to really get to spend some time with them.

My parents live “out in the country”. Really. Even though they “live” in one town, they are actually closer to the next one. I guess it’s a good thing they moved there after I graduated high school. A visit to see them is always a chance to change things up a bit on my runs. This weekend I got to change it up even more…my little sister joined me.

We started out down the gravel driveway through the humidity after it rained the day before. We talked as we warmed up, and here I am still in shock we’re doing this together, but loving it. We hit the main street that goes through our area and do intervals on the hills all the way to the volunteer fire station 1.73 miles. With the sun already beating down on us and the humidity seeming even worse, we speed walk the 1.73 miles back to our parents’ house.

The amazing thing about his venture out is how fresh everything seemed. When you run in concrete all the time, running in the country provides a sensory experience. The entire world seems fresh, even if you do smell cow manure (gag). The grass seemed greener, the sky a bit bluer, everything more vibrant than the typical urban/suburban trek I usually run. One or tow pretty yards can only hold someone over for so long.

The other thing that made this run so great was that I was with my little sister. We don’t talk often, but during this hour, we talked about everything. The houses we were passing, my boys, our husbands, budgets, my business, her upcoming adventure of law school, you name it. It took one common thread, running, to pull us back together again. I would not trade that time for anything.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Three Things: Chicking, Balls, and Boys

It's been a fantastic week. Geared up with training for both soccer season and racing again, the jock in me is beyond elated.

1. Chicking: Trying to accustom myself to the heat and to regular running again, I went out for a run on Tuesday night. At 8:30. It was still 100°. The run was great! Slight breeze, sun setting, sprinklers, good music, you name it. Not too long of a run, 2.34 miles, but the best part of it, I ran half of it in just my sports bra. I normally don't do that, but it was way too hot to care about silly things like looks. Guys are so lucky. They get to run shirtless and feel the wind. No wonder I look like a dead horse when I get in from a run...I have to wear extra layers! Besides, I got an extra confidence boost when I chicked two twenty-year-old guys and they did a double take!

2. Balls: Last week, I kicked the crap out of my soccer ball. Really, shooting practice punctured my ball somehow and again I was on the ball hunt. Got an awesome ball...

yet it was aired too much. Geez, it was hard on the feet last night, like bruising through my cleat hard. Balls sometimes suck.

3. Boys: This is non-sports-related, but I finished registering my boys for this upcoming school year (they start in about a week). The Cy-guy is all set for the second year of Pre-K. Everything is copacetic with him. Same school, same teacher, even most of the same classmates, just maybe a different time. T, on the other hand, is starting middle school. Yesterday at registration, I nearly had the "omg, my boy is not old enough for this" panic attack...especially after seeing the 8th grade cheerleaders in their uniforms (short skirts) and the other little girls in their little spaghetti strap tanks and super short skirts and shorts. I'm standing in all these lines and filling out paperwork internally freaking out not only about this big grade level change, but now about the "girl factor". Oye. Looks like I planned my marathon training just in time.

Monday, August 8, 2011

P90X Week 6: Recap and Results

This week I hit P90X pretty hard. Excitement about the changed up arm routines helped enough to keep pushing me through it (and the selfish desire to have kick ass abs). The only things that really seem like an obstacle right now are :

  • my wrists, which are super painful during all push ups (I really need to invest in push up bars),
  • me forgetting to re-lace my workout shoes from my running lacing to just general workout lacing. Jumping around in looser ( is that even a word?) laced shoes leads to sore ankles which I know I will pay for once soccer season gets here.
  • Waking up at 5 a.m. Last week, I have been the only person in my house that NEEDS to be up at any particular time. When P works, I get up at 5, so I can spend at least 30 minutes with him before he leaves. He's been off work lately, but I am still getting desperately trying to keep myself on schedule.
Little obstacles, that's all.

This week was one filled with not just P90X. Add in three soccer training sessions as well. Currently, I am getting one of my friends ready for the soccer season and the extra training doesn't hurt me either. We had four sessions scheduled for this week, but I was plum exhausted. I did my X Stretch yesterday and called it a day. With the season starting in two weeks, it looks like double workouts are a consistent part of my schedule. (insert big smile)


As you can see, I've gained one pound, but lost a total of 0.9 inches: 0.5 inch at the waist and 0.2 inches off each thigh. When I first saw the scale, I was like "Whhhaaaa??", but then I realized the super cool muscle I'm feeling develop in my thigh, a.k.a., my quad. It's pretty cool because I'm so used to a broad muscle, and now I'm feeling definition. I really hope they are the reason for my awesome kicks lately!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

P90X Week 5: Recap & Results

After changing up my routine for last week, this week in P90X felt like Week 1, but with a slightly different schedule for weights and I am stronger 30 days later. This week included the following schedule, for weeks 5-7:

Monday: Chest, Shoulders, & Triceps + Ab Ripper X
Tuesday: Plyometrics
Wednesday: Back & Biceps + Ab Ripper X
Thursday: Yoga X
Friday: Legs & Back + Ab Ripper X
Saturday: KenpoX
Sunday: X Stretch or Rest
(495 minutes of working out with only the P90X schedule)

Last week was probably the only true P90X week. Starting week 6, I have to start incorporating more running and soccer training for both my upcoming soccer season to start and the marathon I signed up to run in February. You'll probably start seeing more double workouts from me over the next 6-7 weeks while I'm still plugging away at my first full round of P90X.


When comparing the numbers, I maintained just about everything this week. I feel stronger, and I feel that I look good too. The main result I love is the increased endurance I feel. Sprinting on the soccer field and all the stop and go training that goes with soccer is still tough in this consistent 100+° weather here in Texas, but I truly feel less winded and favored spots do not feel as weak.

The awesome news is *please insert drum roll* since the beginning of P90X, I dropped one size. This is major news for me. Ever since high school, I have been a Size 10. For the first time in at least 15 years, if not 17ish, I am a size 8. To buy shorts smaller than my normal was a super exciting day for me!

And to top it off...some Day 1 v. day 30 pics...

The day before I started P90X:

End of week 5 (with a bonus week of Les Mills classes):

I know there's a focus of the pics on my arms, but my arms have seen the biggest changes over the first portion of P90X. Stay with me during my adventures for Day 60 and Day 90 pics!!!