Sunday, May 26, 2013

End of Spring Update

This year, I have cross trained, cross trained, and cross trained some more. I have done weights, an at home Combat program, yoga, cardio classes, and now a leg/ butt specific program.

Have I ran? A little bit. I still try to get a couple runs in a week. I'm not specifically training for a race, nut I'm training to make my legs stronger. After my knee issues, I wanted to focus on getting stronger so I can run without a brace of some sort again. I want to run faster and better without feeling like an old lady.

Have I seen progress? Yes. On my runs, I often have to hold back because I'm afraid my of reinjury. Most of all, my average pace is 10mm, which used to be my fastest ever. I often see 9:15-9:30 paces on my Polar tracking.

I've even done another 5k recently, mainly on trails. My finish time was the same as my last 5k in 2012.

The best result: awesome looking legs that are stronger than before.

Have you ever focused on strengthening instead of just running? What were your results?

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