Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Training of Late

Training has gone to the pot, shall I say. I almost wish I had nothing to do and no life so I could focus on my training, and not when is the next time I can squeeze a run in. Almost makes me wish I fell in love with running much earlier in my life. I would be at least a bit more experienced in balancing running into my life. Weather predicted seems I may be headed to the rec center for dreadmill runs for a few days. We shall see.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Midweek of Full Week #1 in 2010

This week I've done very well. I've been struggling with a hamstring issue, hoping it may not be something worse like an aluvsion, a ligament torn from the top of the bone. I stay stretched out with at least 30 minutes of yoga every morning, which helps tremendously with it as well as my back. Rotating ice and hot soaks seem to helping as well. I've ran everyday, but Tuesday, logging 6.61 miles so far. Not bad considering I didn't run like I should have during the 5 horrible holiday weeks.

Tonight, I did a short run with weights and a core workout afterwards.

Tomorrow, I'm planning on a treadmill run at the rec center while my son is at his karate session. Saturday, I'm planning a longer morning run. I think 4.5 miles will do. Sunday, I plan for a maintenance run of 2-3 miles. I need to keep it short just in case I have a soccer practice pop up. Yes, it's pre-season right now.

Weight: I fluctuated over the holidays from 143-149. With watchful eating geared to my runs and my diligent workout schedule, I am currently sitting at 144.5. I honestly think my scale is wigging out on me because I don't "feel" 144.5, but I weighed in several different spots with the same result. I try to convince myself that it's about fitness and my running right now, but I cannot help to still eye that number everyday with scrutiny.

Update to come on Sunday after my longer runs this weekend.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Training Update #...I've lost track.

Note to self: keeping track of training is difficult, especially when you get in such a routine that logging your workouts seems useless because you're on the same training pattern to keep yourself conditioned. Get up, yoga, work, come home, run and stretch, eat, have some semblance of an evening, go to bed. Repeat 5-6 days a week, do long runs on non-work days, sigh and wonder why you have no time.

Yet, I do have a change in the training news. After 4 days of bitter cold (highly unusual for Texas) weather and suffering the migraine that came with it, I get to run tonight...outdoors! It's almost funny to get this excited over it, just like my kiddos over dessert or something. I truly cannot wait for 5 p.m., just so I can get home to run. I do not own a treadmill, mainly due to space, but I do not like the hamster-in-the-round-cage feeling. Therefore, weather dictates my running plans. Weather determines whether I run outdoors bundled up like a lunatic or I lock myself away for 30 minutes, at least, to do strength training.

Think of me during your evening commute, dinner plans, sitcom watching, or whatever you may be doing this evening. Think of me in thermal layers, running in low 50° weather, striding to the tunes of Chevelle, thankful I get the chance to run.

Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 Begins

New month, new year...begins with me hitting the ground running, literally.

A training schedule begins tomorrow with strength training and a re-acquaintance run. Sunday follows with a long run. I must remain diligent to meet my goals for 2010.

My 2010 goals.

  1. Train everyday.
  2. Run 10 races.
  3. Run a minimum of 2010 K (thanks to an online challenge I joined)
  4. Run my first half-marathon in the Big D races in April.
  5. Participate in my first Warrior Dash on May 1.
  6. Incorporate more cross training (biking and swimming) to improve my runs.
  7. Learn more about my nutrition to become a better athlete.
Working on my goals will help me realize that my fitness is no longer about losing and maintaining weight, but more about athleticism and lifestyle.