Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Coming up with a plan.

The last couple of weeks I've debated putting one of my loves on hold to train for two dreams. I nearly gave up playing soccer to accomplish half and full marathons. Thanks to my running moms group, they helped me talk through the fear of giving up something I love, yes this is true, as much as my family. Through a discussion with them, these awesome ladies helped show me modification and finding balance (a struggle in everything I do) within my two training schedules to keep playing the field, quite literally, and to train for my goals.

Now I sit and plan through multiple calendars to pull it all into on large calendar for everyone to see! I think I may need something like this.

Here's to the planning stages!

There is no "Y" in Running

Found from I <3 to Run's Facebook page
Run because you have to.
Run because you love it.
Run because you want to be fast.
Run because you want to be skinny.
Run to find some quiet time.
Run to sweat.
Run to eat.
Run hear your heart pound in your ears.
Run because you're a runner.
Run because you gotta keep the streak.
Run because you don't know why the hell you're running.
Run because you fought with your partner.
Run because your job is sh#tty.
Run because you got no money.
Run for the sunrise.
Run for a race.
Run because it's impossible.
Run because it's easy.
Run instead of doing the laundry.
Run instead of watching TV.
Run because no one else understands.
Run because the cool kids do it.
Run because you're tired of talking.
Run for numbers.
Run for feel.
Run to prove something.
Run because it f#@king hurts.

Or don't run. If you got something better to do.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pace and Positive Motivation

Tuesday evening, I went out and ran my scheduled run. First I must say, I AM NOT an evening runner. I prefer pre-dawn or at dawn runs, period. Yet, I run when I can and try to not make excuses. Secondly, despite fighting a couple months of laziness and lovely Texas spring winds, my morale plummeted...quickly. I kept thinking about my pace and endurance, both of which has gone awry since December/January. All I could think about while doing my Galloway style intervals was: "I must pick up my pace. I must last. I have a race in 4 weeks."

I finished my run strong, not proud of my pace though. I then twisted my ankle stepping down stairs. The injury is slight, but in order to play in my soccer game on Sunday, rest for the days until then is required. I again thought about my pace and upcoming race (oooh! rhyme).

I logged onto Daily Mile today to post about my ankle, and I then read the #dailymission was all about motivation. As I read through post after post of motivation, I saw this:

This saying said it all for me. No matter my 14 minute+ pace right now, I'm still faster than everyone sitting watching T.V. or choosing to not do anything. This picked up my spirits like nothing else. I choose to get out there and run.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Back on Track

2011 so far has shown me that life can surely throw kinks in the even the best intended and determined of people. I've barely ran this year; not even 5 miles in regular runs. (I don't count soccer games/practices in my mileage) Apparently I've gotten really good at excuses this year though, oh, and the blame game. You know, blaming anything and everything for why I cannot get out and run. To top it off, I got angry about it too; my temper reflected exactly one of the reasons I run.

Well, no more. At least not today. Lol. Thanks to my great group of online mom runners, I got my ass out and ran a virtual Shamrock 5K challenge. I was "supposed to dress up", but even the socks I bought just for this came off due to tightness. :) But here's to pounding out a 5K, after work, on one of the funnest holidays ever.