Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Such a Super Saturday!

This past Saturday, I attended a Super Saturday event through my coaching business. All the buzz leading up to this Saturday, was getting to do a LIVE Asylum workout with Shaun T.
Yea...that guy ---->

After an early wake up of 4:30 a.m. on a Saturday and an hour drive to Arlington, I excitedly waited for another hour and a half for Shaun T to kick my ass...and he did. Remember, I'm totally a P90X girl. I've loved the muscle confusion and specific muscle workouts. But Asylum totally put my fitness into perspective, and how I needed to improve even more. The warm up started, and 10 minutes and about 200 calories later, I was drenched in sweat and yes, already panting. Total sports conditioning. What? It was like no other sports conditioning I have EVER had, and I've been an athlete all my life! I hung in there, though, between all the crazy push ups, sports moves and even the surfers!

I truly got the meaning of digging deep when it came to the core work. I'll be the first to admit that my core is weak, but the V-sits and flutter kicks worked my core like crazy. As you can imagine, core work has gotten a top priority in my training now. And plank tucks! Yea, my butt just quit hurting today.

Even though the live workout with a celebrity trainer, all the awesome answers he gave in a Q&A (which will be shared within later posts), and the training for my coaching business, the SUPER part of my Saturday was the people I met! I met a fellow coach and her guests, and they were some of the nicest people I've met in a long time. (Made me really proud at the fact that Texans are known as some of the nicest people on earth!) Here's all of us after the Asylum workout.
That's Kim, Sheri, Jerome, and then me sporting the P90X2 shirt. By the way, that was my second shirt of the day. Like I said, they were so nice to let me hang out with them all day, and they all had fabulous stories. Yet, Jerome's story was amazing! We hit it off as fellow runners, you know chatting about training, races, and injuries, but his journey started on December 28th, 2009 and he transformed his body and his life by losing 100 pounds in a year! He's running his goal race at White Rock on December 4. I could tell you how he did it, but he graciously shared his vlog with me so I could share it with you.

We both are runners, and perhaps one day, we'll get to run a race together, but the biggest thing...we're both on a mission. Mission Possible: to End the Trend of obesity. His story is one of many I encounter as a Coach. I get inspired by every story to keep doing what I'm doing: making a difference in people's life to lead them to live healthy and fulfilling lives! I am so thankful I became involved with Beachbody to meet new and inspiring people every day (and getting my ass kicked by celebrity trainers LIVE once in a while).

Monday, October 24, 2011

Join My Exclusive P90X Challenge!

Monday, November 14, I will begin an exclusive P90X Challenge that will incorporate both P90X & Shakeology.

I will only accept 5 people for this challenge!

I only want you to be a part of this if you are ready to take charge and commit:

  • pictures and measurements (not to broadcast – but for you)
  • one Shakeology meal a day
  • daily P90X workout (I will tell you the workout to do based on the calendar)

I am convinced that after the first 30 days you will look and feel wonderful, and you will be HOOKED and on your way to living a healthier life! I am already excited for you!!

I am ready to give 110% to each of these 5 people. It will be the six of us working together, so we can see results together — we will commit to our fitness goals and hold each other accountable.

Starting November 14, the six of us will all be doing the same workout scheduled for P90X, drinking Shakeology, tracking our progress, staying connected in our private Facebook group, etc. I will help you develop meal plans and give you daily access to my coaching, even beyond my normal coaching hours.

If you are thinking “well I don’t have Shakeology” ~ well then, YES what I am saying is you will have to commit to getting on Shakeology and drinking it once per day!! Don’t worry! It is one of the best commitments I have ever made!

This will be a commitment for the 5 people I take in and I want us all to be 100% committed…

By joining my challenge and purchasing a P90X challenge pack (available November 1), you will automatically get 1 month FREE of Beachbody Club membership— this is a great tool to have for all of us because we will all be starting at a different point in our fitness so with the club membership you will get a customizable meal planner that will make reaching your goals easier. Another bonus — 10% off all your Beachbody products and being entered into daily ca$h drawings just for tracking our workouts!

It is simple, though...5 easy steps for 5 committed individuals:

I know it sounds like a lot of info - right?

1. DECIDE & COMMIT to joining my P90X Challenge.

2. Commit to P90X for a full round of 90 days.

3. Choose Chocolate or Greenberry Shakeology to drink once per day for 90 days.

4. Receive CHALLENGE CONFIRMATION email from me with tips on how to track progress, how to measure, when to do your fit test, recipes, fitness tips, goal setting, how to schedule workouts, how to join our PRIVATE Facebook challenge group, etc.

5. Succeed ~ Look & Feel Great!!

FAQ. Based on questions I've already received:

  • What if I already own P90X or drink Shakeology daily? Great! We'll make this challenge work for you as long as you are committed to BOTH for 90 days.
  • Do I have to live near you? Not at all! These products are meant to give you success in your home on your schedule. This challenge is a commitment to yourself and to me to make a major transformation in yourself!
  • What's the cost? On November 1, exclusive challenge packs will be available at $205 which includes the entire P90X program, your first month of Shakeology, a 30 day trial of the Team Beachbody Club with free shipping. Additional costs will be equipment you want to purchase and your next two months of Shakeology at $120 per month ($4/day). We can talk about possible discounts and the cost differential if you already own the program/drink Shakeology.
Beat the New Year's bandwagon and invest in yourself and your health! Start your transformation now.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Month Off

I've been a bad blogger. I left you hanging about my final P90X results and then proceeded to not blog for about a month. Bluntly said, $h!t hit the fan. That's the best way to explain the past month for me. Personal issues led to major stress which led to barely training which led to dead air. In retrospect, I should have kept blogging because writing helps me sort out things, but I hit that moment where I asked myself, "Is what I'm writing actually worth it?".

I realized I push myself really hard in all aspects in my life and I needed a break. I couldn't get a break from work and my family, so I did what I could. I took a break from training and writing and anything else that I felt could make me feel pressured. That's what I needed to relieve the stress in my other areas.

That said, I've been running here and there plus my soccer practices and games. Nothing too spectacular with the exception of my first goal in 2 seasons since my move to defense. It was pretty awesome, and I've been told there's still some talk about it too.

Let me update you on some things that have been going on:

  • I've begun belly dancing classes. I realized how uncoordinated I really am, but I'm having fun.
  • I began a Walk to Get Fit club for people who want to do something other than traditional workouts or go to the gym. Right now there's 3 of us. My goal is to get up to 11 by the end of the year.
  • I found my local running club (YAY!) and once soccer season is over, the plan is to join them on their Sunday morning runs.
  • My coaching business got put on the wayside during my stress period, and I've set new goals to get where I want to be in that aspect. I went to a Super Saturday event yesterday that really put things in perspective for me and I got to do a live Asylum workout with Shaun T (look for a blog post super soon).
  • I've laid out my running plan to get me trained for the Cowtown in February.
  • What lead me to where I am, fitness, mental. I am a totally different person that I was 3 years ago.
  • Biggest thing...I've been thinking about how I want to incorporate more of my life other than running into my blog to get me posting everyday, well, at least 5 days a week.
What does this mean for you?

  • Blog about my first full round in P90X
  • Blog about my live workout with Shaun T
  • Blogs everyday about more of what happens to me other than my runs
  • Blogs about my training for Cowtown.
Thank you for continuing to read and hanging in there.