Sunday, August 8, 2010

Running Buddies

For the most part, running is a solitary activity, and I like it. I am the type of person who enjoys alone time and plenty of it. Yet, it does help to share running adventures with someone once in a while. Online, I am part of two running groups and another group that should be a running group because basically all of us run. Three groups where I have met wonderful people where we support each other to keep running.

Every once in a while, I do wish for someone to occasionally run beside me, chat with, share minute-by-minute support, kind of a social fun run. I thought of joining an actual running group on their monthly social runs, but I'm hesitant, even though I have no idea why.

I think my wish is coming true. In the last week, a couple of people have come to me asking about getting together for runs. Of course, I am excited, but the kicker for me...these people want me, little ol' me, involved in their fitness progression. That in itself makes the helper in me happy, but kicks up my motivation for my own personal workouts.

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