Thursday, June 10, 2010

Why I Love Running

In the midst of taking a break from running in order to focus on some personal issues, all I can think about is running and when I can get back to it. As I gear back up to get some running time in my schedule, I appreciate why I fell in love with running.

1. Free Therapy. Most runners I know will agree, especially the mothers. Running gives me the chance to work through things, especially things I may not be ready to talk about with anyone.

2. Natural anti-depressant. This is true with most forms of exercise, but I have found running produces the best results for me. Running balances me, lifts my mood, calms my temper...oye, I could go on for hours.

3. My "Alone" time. As an instinctive hermit, I probably need more alone time than most people. Although with my family and schedule, it is usually more of a dream and not quiet a reality. Even a quick run can clear my mind and provide me with "quiet" and solitude my spirit needs. I get to a point in my runs where my mind just opens and all I zone in on are my feet connecting with the pavement or trail or even the treadmill, one by one, step after step, while notes and tunes fill my ears and push me to step a little bit faster.

4. Constant Improvement. Running is something someone can always improve at. Lest it be time, form, weight loss, you name it...improvement is made. When a person takes the chance and utilizes something to improve his or her personal being, great things will happen.

5. True Self. When I run, I am Carin, just me. I am not Mommy, partner, employee, student, writer, crafter, friend, daughter, giver, cleaner, Ms. Fix-it, etc., etc. I am just a woman running, striding along a path where the world seems to stand still.

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