Monday, May 3, 2010

Warrior Dash

May 2, 2010

The Warrior Dash was an experience of a lifetime. 3.5 miles of running, obstacles, and fun. It definitely taxed different muscle groups compared to a normal run. Between large fans, mud pits, climbs, swims, and fire jumping, this race thoroughly kicked racing into a new level for me.

I did get tired, constantly switching between my running groove to an obstacle. The log roll was difficult because the water got deeper and I had to tread water often to try and lift myself over the log with no lake bottom to push off of. The mud pits were hard, not to get through, just the running in mud after. I am totally not complaining, but it was just something different for me.

My time officially posted as 46:47.50, but this was a fun run and a "can I do it?" run for me. I did stop to help a couple of women and to take a family's picture. I'm sure I lost a few minutes there. I still had a blast, and I'll definitely do the Warrior Dash and other mud runs again.

Check out a few pics I posted.

Pre-race getup in decals and viking hat.

Me jumping fire...the next to last obstacle

Totally loving the mud pit

Finished; Complete with medal and mud bath!

Post rinse, not that it helped much.

Post race FREE beer

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  1. nice job. and that mud pit thingy looks really annoyingly hard!


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