Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New "Rest" Day Activity

Every athlete knows there is really nothing as a "rest" day. One must keep moving somehow, some way. I used to use yoga as my rest day activity, but I find myself inching closer and closer to the more intense "power" yoga workouts rather than the actual relaxing yoga workouts. I need something to relax my body along with my mind.

Interest in Tai Chi started for me when I got my son involved in karate, but like his mother, he preferred more intense workouts. Therefore, my search for a Tai Chi routine waned and was politely shuffled to the back of the mind's shelf. This morning, in another early morning wake up call from the little one, I began scoping out my On Demand features. I found a Tai Chi routine...from at least the 80's. After I stopped myself from giggling at the Miami Vice hairstyles, I realized that over half the video was just talking and no instruction or routine. And my hunt begins again.

Do you know of any Tai Chi DVDs, websites, anything I can look into?

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