Monday, January 17, 2011


Between New Year's and Martin Luther King, Jr. day, January gives plenty of opportunities to make you think about your dreams. This year I shunned making resolutions and gave it all to follow dreams; dreams I've put on the wayside and dreams newly realized.

Dreams of becoming a journalist/author that makes a difference somehow, some way with words written by my own hand. Dreams of becoming a strong woman making an honest impact on people I meet, know, and love. Dreams of one day running a marathon, perhaps even Boston or NYC one day. Dreams of being an awesome mom that provides, nurtures and raises two boys into two independent, loving gentlemen. Dreams of loving myself to where loving another only adds another amazing dimension to the life I lead.

Some days I wake up with new dreams racing over and over in my mind. Other days I have one dream that keeps me focused and pushing through the day. I hope we are all pushed by dreams to keep us progressing forward for change and to become the people we envision ourselves to be in our dreams.

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