Saturday, April 2, 2011

Surprise kid-free night

Having my very active boys swept away for the evening always surprises me. Everything I could do, should do, want to do, shoots through my mind. Often enough I end up catching up on housework, laundry, emails, and movies. Last night I took advantage of amazing weather 70° at half past 7 p.m. and ran my ass off. I took no gear, not even my tunes (yes, Sarah W. I know you're reading this with jaw agape), and ran. I ran a simple route, my favorite straight shot ALL the way down my long, hilly street and back. An easy, peasy 2.27 miles that I've been conquering on all levels since January 2009. My favorite part: running into the sunset, remembering how awesome my neighborhood looks filled with bluebonnets and wildflowers. My only regret: Not having a camera with me. Guess I'll have to run it again soon. *smiles*

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  1. Sounds like a great night and a perfect little run :) Those are my favorite!


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