Thursday, April 28, 2011

Three Things Thursday: Random First Try

I thought I'd try the Three Things Thursday type blog to get me writing more about my running. Here goes three things I love about my running at this very moment.

1. The fact that I tend to feel good or great after every run, yes, every run. That means as I'm working harder and running longer and it's not taking me 3-4 days to recoup anymore.

2. The fact that PJ is showing support (or that I'm recognizing how he shows his support), and he is genuinely interested in how my runs go. Even if that does mean him convincing me to post my nasty, bloody sock from a toe war all over Facebook and Daily Mile to boast of battle wounds and gross everyone out in the process.

3. The fact that I get excited over a training plan , thank you Hal Higdon, that now pushes me further than I've ran before. I've never boasted running over 4 miles, but I'm bound and determined to hit my goals this year, beginning with the 10K.

P.S. Just a side note. I love that my oldest son T talks about things he's good at (and knows it), just like I do. Example: This morning, I wish him luck on his Science TAKS test today. He quips back, "It's just science, Mom." Just as I responded this past weekend, "It's just a 5K race."

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