Wednesday, November 9, 2011

New Kicks and a Tutu

I haven't raced officially since April at the Running Moms Rock 5K. Maybe that's why I'm getting so excited over an invite from a fellow running mom to do the Komen while I'm in Austin this weekend. Turns out that do to a foot injury she can't run it, but I'm still getting my race on!

Today I received my custom tutu from Lil Darlin' Designs. Nycole normally does tutus for little girls, but when I asked if she could do a custom one for me, she was more than happy. Therefore, in true Komen spirit, I got a hot pink combined my classic black racing color.

I can't wait to run in this!

I also finally purchased new kicks today! My feet were cursing me for way too long. I do know it's not always best to get new shoes a few days before a race, but I still have 2 runs on tap this week before race day. My feet are already thanking me just from when I tried them on. The big deal about the new kicks...I made a brand switch. I love my New Balance shoes, always have, but I jumped at the deal I saw on Saucony Grid Cohesions. They are rarely on sale when I have to trek into Sports Authority. I made the color switch from my standard blue to pink as well.

I can't wait to get pics of the whole racing outfit pieced together! Man, I love new running gear.

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  1. Thanks Carin!!! I hope you have a blast at the race this weekend!! Can't wait to see the after pics in the tutu!!!


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