Saturday, December 3, 2011

Lackluster Running Week

Last Sunday, I ran 8.76 miles in blustery, 30-something, but sunny weather. Even though I was actually pretty scared to run it, I did it, and only the last 1.5 miles hurt. Not the "man, my muscles are tired" kind of hurt, but the "oh dear lord, just let me make it a few more steps" kind of hurt. The pain went away when my legs stopped quivering about an hour after I walked through my door. The run was great despite the cold wind, and P did a great job of making my Shakeology for recovery, drawing a bath, and even making sure I ate a good breakfast and had hot coffee. I ended up spending the rest of the day in my pjs and loving every minute.

Monday, I knew I’d be a little sore. My upper quads and hammies reciprocated with making me cringe every time I tried to sit down, stand up, and walk. P, T, and the Cy-Guy giggled at me the sight of me struggling to make it to the kitchen, the bathroom, and heck, even the couch. I still got in a great upper body workout too with P90X.

Tuesday. No desire to run, and didn’t. I didn't even attempt Plyos, which I love.

Wednesday: P practically forced me outdoors for a run.

Thursday: Met my walking group and walked a brisk 2.5 miles with them, and went home afterward instead of my planned 3 miler.

Yesterday: Yay, it’s a strength day, so that meant I’m building up my legs and back with P90X, and still no desire to go out for even a short run.

Today is a rest day from running, which in my world, it means it’s a yoga day along with some Kenpo X. All I hope for is that my mind clears, and I get the running urge in the morning. The calendar shows a 10 miler, December 4 is a tough day anyway, and the weather looks like this: goes nothing.


  1. Lackluster? You're kicking booty mama! Enjoy your rest day!

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