Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Weekly Rewind: Apparently the Monthly Rewind

Let's say, April was crazy. I'm not going to list it day by day, but instead just kind of tell you what's been going on because there has been minimal to no exercise.

At the beginning of the month, I had been working up on something awesome (to be revealed a bit later) and it took quite a few days to wrap that up. P has been working long, long days, so I've been playing the juggling act. Then, the Cy-guy got some nasty little cold that he lovingly gave to me. That chest cold stuck around forever, it seemed.  Runs hurt, other cardio hurt. Everything turned into a hackfest. But here's a brief run down of my month:

04/01 - 5 mile run on the Greenbelt
04/03 - 2.27 m run
04/04 - 2.27 m run
04/04 - X2 Core
04/04 - Abs
04/05 - 2.27 m run
04/07 - 6.26 m run
04/11 - 2.27m run
04/17 - 2.27m run a.m. 1.55m walk p.m.
04/18 - 3.25m run
04/21 -  3.14 (RMR 5K) Race report coming super soon!
04/23 - 4.1 m run
04/24 - 2.16m run
04/29 - 5.67m run
04/30 - X2 Chest, Back, & Balance

Can YOU guess where I was sick?????

I did get a 5K race while getting over that cold and still PR'd. Not at great time, but hey, I'm not complaining. Here's another month. I still have two major blogs posts to do to help recap April.

Dunt, dunt, da dahhhh!!! Exciting news: If you haven't seen on my blog Facebook page yet, my balancing act of runner and mother was featured in the May issue of North Texas Child magazine. Go on over there and take a peek, but here's an awesome picture of my boys and me. :)

Special shout out goes to my friend, Jessica Bowers at Suitcases and Sippy Cups, who thought of me for this article! I am honored and flattered.

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