Monday, November 9, 2009

A Week Lost, Appreciation Gained

I lost a week of training after a minute procedure took everything out of me last week. The procedure was really nothing, just prevention of further reproduction. Yet, since I am borderline anemic, it ended up taking me down to bed rest for four days. The four days droned on as if I had lain in bed or lounged on the couch for a year. As I rested, I gained a new appreciation for the training I do, the activeness I have, the need, urge to run, workout, train for the newest goal I set upon myself. Yesterday, I found myself anxious to get back on the schedule. The urge rose again with more fervor than I have felt in months. Today, I begin Week 2 of training, perhaps at a slower pace, but I appreciate the fact that I need and want to continue training.

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