Thursday, March 17, 2011

Back on Track

2011 so far has shown me that life can surely throw kinks in the even the best intended and determined of people. I've barely ran this year; not even 5 miles in regular runs. (I don't count soccer games/practices in my mileage) Apparently I've gotten really good at excuses this year though, oh, and the blame game. You know, blaming anything and everything for why I cannot get out and run. To top it off, I got angry about it too; my temper reflected exactly one of the reasons I run.

Well, no more. At least not today. Lol. Thanks to my great group of online mom runners, I got my ass out and ran a virtual Shamrock 5K challenge. I was "supposed to dress up", but even the socks I bought just for this came off due to tightness. :) But here's to pounding out a 5K, after work, on one of the funnest holidays ever.

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