Wednesday, March 30, 2011

There is no "Y" in Running

Found from I <3 to Run's Facebook page
Run because you have to.
Run because you love it.
Run because you want to be fast.
Run because you want to be skinny.
Run to find some quiet time.
Run to sweat.
Run to eat.
Run hear your heart pound in your ears.
Run because you're a runner.
Run because you gotta keep the streak.
Run because you don't know why the hell you're running.
Run because you fought with your partner.
Run because your job is sh#tty.
Run because you got no money.
Run for the sunrise.
Run for a race.
Run because it's impossible.
Run because it's easy.
Run instead of doing the laundry.
Run instead of watching TV.
Run because no one else understands.
Run because the cool kids do it.
Run because you're tired of talking.
Run for numbers.
Run for feel.
Run to prove something.
Run because it f#@king hurts.

Or don't run. If you got something better to do.

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