Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pace and Positive Motivation

Tuesday evening, I went out and ran my scheduled run. First I must say, I AM NOT an evening runner. I prefer pre-dawn or at dawn runs, period. Yet, I run when I can and try to not make excuses. Secondly, despite fighting a couple months of laziness and lovely Texas spring winds, my morale plummeted...quickly. I kept thinking about my pace and endurance, both of which has gone awry since December/January. All I could think about while doing my Galloway style intervals was: "I must pick up my pace. I must last. I have a race in 4 weeks."

I finished my run strong, not proud of my pace though. I then twisted my ankle stepping down stairs. The injury is slight, but in order to play in my soccer game on Sunday, rest for the days until then is required. I again thought about my pace and upcoming race (oooh! rhyme).

I logged onto Daily Mile today to post about my ankle, and I then read the #dailymission was all about motivation. As I read through post after post of motivation, I saw this:

This saying said it all for me. No matter my 14 minute+ pace right now, I'm still faster than everyone sitting watching T.V. or choosing to not do anything. This picked up my spirits like nothing else. I choose to get out there and run.

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  1. I absolutely love this, thanks for sharing!


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