Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Confession: Too Timid to Train

When it comes to sports and training, I generally have a bold and undaunted approach. A "get it done" outlook; no holds barred and balls to the wall. Yes, I have nerves all the time before games, races, and big runs. Yet, normally nothing holds me back.

Since my race two weeks ago, I turned shy to training. I think I've ran twice and had one soccer game. I am truly terrified of reinjuring my ankle and foot, which in turn terrifies me of making my mileage in training and on my upcoming race. I have a brace, a splint, I tape my toes, and I pay extra TLC, but I really do not want to screw my ankle up.

I know it's all about listening to my body and knowing when to ease up or stop, but I also know if I cannot admit to you that I am more than a bit gun-shy right now, I won't be able to admit it to myself. So, send some courage this way as I return to my training plan with extra ankle strengthening and praying to God I do not put myself on crutches.

And thank for letting me whine like a little scaredy-cat.

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