Tuesday, July 12, 2011

P90X Week 3 : Recap and Results

Week 3 (or Week 2 Reboot) went similar to Week 2. A very busy week combined with some physical issues left me fatigued. My iron levels have been lower than normal lately, therefore it's been difficult to make it through a "calm" normal day, let alone my hectic "normal" kind of day. I did manage to get in a Plyos workout along with some stretching. I've been eating very well, despite the July 4th holiday AND my birthday (falling on a weekend, no less), as well as keeping my hydration levels on par or above.

Results: Another pound lost. The scale has truly surprised me. I actually thought it was a fluke until I went to the doc's office yesterday, and they even said I've managed to lose 5 pounds since I was in 3 months ago. The lab tech asked my trick, and of course I told him P90X! I seriously thought I was at my "happy weight", not at a plateau. The changes I'm seeing in my body truly encourages me for when I can get back to running and my soccer season starts. The muscle definition I'm beginning to see tells me that my body is getting conditioned and in better shape to do the activities I love doing.

Ah, and let me tell you about Cardio X! After a weekend of watching intense Women's World Cup games, I needed a bit of a workout to sweat some of that fan tension. Oh wow. Cardio X is usually recommended for those either doing the Doubles schedule or a bit less intense workout with the Lena schedule. Cardio X kicked my booty. It mixed up elements of Yoga X, Plyos, and Kenpo X as well as other cardio moves I've heard in other programs. Let's just say I can tell i did not intake enough protein yesterday to reduce the soreness I feel in my hamstrings (thank you Kenpo moves!).

Here's to another week of bringing it with P90X (and watching the amazing women's world cup games too)!

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