Tuesday, July 19, 2011

P90X Week 4: Recap & Results

I realized the past two weeks completely threw me for a loop, and I didn't get my last week's recap posted. Last week was "recovery" week. I did the recovery schedule mixed in with the chest & back session and the Ab Ripper. Part of me forgot what week I was on (see, I told you it's been crazy around here), so by my start date I was on Week 4 .... Recovery, ha! It seemed I worked harder during recovery week than during the previous ones. I think it might be that I'm finally feeling like my old self and even better than the kidney stone episode. Me feeling better = me pushing harder = me LOVING my workouts. By the way, if you're doing P90X and you haven't made it to Core Synergistics yet...get ready. I think I was sore for three days. I always knew my core was a major area for me to strengthen, but, wow, this workout gets it done.


No weight lost this week, but I'm not surprised. I can feel and see my muscles rebuilding. Yet, partial inches were lost, which is exciting for me. More inches lost = Mommy gets a new wardrobe!

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