Tuesday, July 5, 2011

P90X Week 2: FAIL

Last week started out great with goals and a new frame of mind. My Monday workout went fantastic, even getting through Ab Ripper X. Then, the rest of the week disappeared. Seriously, I remember working, cooking, and sleeping...and that's it. Sunday morning I woke up and was like "What in the world? It's Sunday?". I decided to enjoy my couple of days off of everything and reboot Week 2 starting this next week (meaning yesterday today).

On another note: my legs and feet are itching to feel the pavement/trails/pitch....whatever I can run on. I find myself debating on modifying the P90X schedule a bit to incorporate a run or two during the weeks. The only thing holding me back from just adding the running on top of the P90X schedule is my hesitance to be overly ambitious thinking my body can handle it when I'm not 100% sure it can right now.

Oh! Results from The week of only 1 day of P90X....

I'm going to chalk up the one pound loss to sticking to my healthy diet and drinking basically only water to stay hydrated in this 100° Texas (humid-like-nothing-else-and-it's-not-even-August-yet) heat. The exciting part...I broke the 140 mark that I've been at for about 6 months. The last time I was below 140 lbs. was a long time ago back when I met P... in 1998. 13 years later when I'm actually not at a point to try and lose weight, just trying to stay the healthiest that I can, I drop at a healthy weight. It's good news, and good news is always a great way to start off the week!


  1. It happens! Don't beat yourself up about it, it'll only make it worse. Just kick ass this week :)

  2. Thanks Haley! Kickin' ass is on the schedule! :D

  3. I LOVE P90x but also dont think I could handle both full time. So I put the focus on running and do P90x a la carte :)

  4. Tricia, I believe I'll be putting the focus primarily back on running once I get through this round. I'm rebuilding strength and endurance through P90X after medical issues, and I'm LOVE, LOVING it!

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