Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Frustrated Runner

A couple of weeks ago, I received a blow to my training. On my anniversary weekend, I came down with another kidney stone. The second in a year. After 4 days of pain, nausea, and sleeping, I became frustrated. I had lost 4 valuable days of training; training in the last two weeks before Cowtown. As I progressed getting healthier, I still found myself unable to eat well and constantly drained. slowly, but surely, I'm getting better.

Yesterday, I decided to officially not race this Sunday. I do not feel that it would be healthy for me to race considering I just barely now feel strong enough to go for a walk. I almost thought I could still race, but I realized it was the proud competitor in me. I'm completely frustrated and angry. I've been training since November, have already had to cut this race from a full to a half, and now I'm not even healthy enough to run it.

I know life happens. I know I'll be fine enough in no time to race again. I've actually got my next attempt at a half scheduled. I wanted this though. I've been wanting to run Cowtown for a while...a long while. I've been drooling over the bling and the course for months. I'm also angry because this makes me second guess myself. It makes me wonder if I'm really meant to do the longer distances. It makes me over-analyze everything I've done up to this point.

I'm working really hard at keeping the positive attitude up.

  • Jamming to the new music I put on my playlist just for this race. 
  • Signing up for the next attempt: Dallas RNR
  • Looking for new race gear
  • Possibly getting to wear my new Team Tough Chik gear for RNR.
  • Telling myself this is temporary, this is temporary, this is temporary...
So, here's looking forward, right? What do you do to keep your attitude positive?

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