Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekly Rewind: 03/19-25

Since my second kidney stone in February and several issues that came with it, I had to miss two races I wanted to run. Now that I'm in rebuilding mode to get up to my training mileage again, I felt I should post a weekly recap to help me keep my training in perspective. Lately my runs have been all about mileage and not times.

Monday, 03/19: 1.5 mile walk

During my Sunday morning buddy run, I made a goal for the week to work out every day as long as my body felt good. I rushed home from work hoping to beat some evening storms that were rolling in. In the rush, I forgot my knee brace and paid for it instantly since the first half mile of my run was a steep downhill and then immediate uphill. My knee couldn't take it, so I walked almost the entire 1.5 miles.

Tuesday, 03/20: 3.25 miles

In an effort to settle T, my oldest son, down after a long doctor's appointment and a day without his ADD medication, I told him to hop on his bike to ride with me while I ran. I took him my usual course and then to the  back part of the old Radisson gold course, which is now part of the UNT Sports Complex. We ran and rode through puddles. I attempted jumping over a muddy bank only to end up landing right in it.
T and I had a great time together. We rarely get one-on-one time, so I think this adventure may be the beginning of something new for us.

Wednesday, 03/21: X2 Yoga

My week at work thus far had not been the best, and everything blew my fuse today. Even though I wanted to run, I definitely needed to chill out, and my lack of foam rolling also kept my muscles tense. I locked myself away and threw on my X2 Yoga. The next 55 minutes of stretching and meditation lowered my blood pressure and brought me to a place where I could be sociable with my family again.

Thursday, 03/22: 3.3 miles

A cool front moved in during the day, and of course I knew it would be a great day to run with lower temps.  The temp was great, but the wind was not. Despite my efforts to modify my route for windbreaks, the wind was strong and cold. The uphill half of this run was hard. The wind blew right threw me, and I struggled up the slightest incline. Once I got to the flat part of my run, the wind was at my side and I fell into my groove, lengthening my stride and focusing on my foot strike. My foot strike makes the world of a difference with how my knee feels. Yet, it takes all my mental energy to focus while I retrain my body how to run. Once I turned back to head home, I thought I'd have a tailwind. I did for about two minutes, and it went away leaving a cold chill all about my shoulders and back. Once I got home, it was immediately into the shower to warm up.

Friday, 03/23: Unplanned Rest Day

P had to work late, therefore no afternoon run. The menu plan also called for his night to make dinner. We ended up eating later than usual, but I still thought I could go out for a run. I knew I had to wait an hour for everything to settle, and by the time 9 p.m. rolled around, I told myself to relax and head to bed.

Saturday, 03/24: Planned Rest Day

I rarely do anything on Saturdays since I like to be fully rested for my long or hard (sometimes both) runs on Sunday mornings with my running buddy. Yet, I still thought I could manage a make up run or X2 workout. After a meeting with a fellow Beachbody coach in the morning, I took T and the Cy-Guy to take bluebonnet pictures and then to the park. I decided time with my boys is way more important than squeezing in any sort of workout. 

Sunday, 03/25: Buddy Run Day, 4.18 miles

Almost every Sunday, I meet up with a former soccer teammate of mine, and we train. I've helped her train for her half, and she's helped me through injuries during my training for the full and half I had to pass up. We keep each other accountable and in check. We were both tired, but headed out for as close to 5 miles as possible. A sunny morning, with a little breeze, but plenty of humidity. We had a great pace, even though I really didn't care. We chatted the whole time as we do and only really taking a couple of walk breaks. We felt awesome afterwards, and even did our own mock "race finish sprint". I actually felt I could run another couple of miles when I got home, but I decided to not push myself and take it easy the rest of the day.

Pretty good comeback week in my opinion.

Here's to coming back stronger this week!!

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