Saturday, July 7, 2012

Find Your Brilliant Run

We all experience the hard runs, where everything or just one thing is "off". I think we have those runs more often so when we experience "those runs" that bring us all together and in alignment with every living thing, we can appreciate it even more.

Dr. Daniel Jackson ascending in Stargate SG1

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I know I've only ever had a few of those runs out of the 3.5 years I've been running. The run where everything makes sense, you know your place in this world...this universe, you feel the cycle of all things natural. The runs that makes you feel like you're on a higher plane of your mentality, almost like becoming ascended (or becoming pure energy) as Dr. Daniel Jackson in the popular TV series, Stargate.

The word "mezamashii" means brilliant or eye-opening in Japanese. It's a word used by Mizuno for trying to help runners capture the true essence of the brilliant, euphoric run. Hence, the Mezamashii Run Project, where Mizuno is giving away free shoes to runners on their quest.

When was your most brilliant run? My most memorable one was when I did my tribute for my brother. I truly felt "as one" with absolutely everything, despite (or because of) my intense emotions running that run.

To begin your quest for your Mezamashii run, visit

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