Saturday, September 15, 2012

Farewell to the Those Roads

On July 6, I said farewell...farewell to the roads that saw me start on my journey. We have relocated across town, closer to T's and the Cy-Guys's schools, and despite all the excitement of new beginnings, the only sad part was leaving the area I learned to run in and grew my journey to racing and beyond.

These roads have seen so much of my blood, sweat and tears. They didn't care when I was at 175 pounds, and they didn't care when I hit 130 pounds. They didn't care if I ran a 14:00 minute mile or a 9:50 minute mile. They never cared if I ran in the wee early morning hours, the middle of the day or during a sunset.

The hill I tackled at the beginning of every run.
The roads provided hills, curves, tracks, potholes, you name it, and I ran it. The roads provided challenges that have helped me to this very day. Those roads led me around an expanding university and into the beginnings of the "countryside".

One of the trails I ran on by my alma mater.
Those roads saw me cry over my brother, my husband, my children, my friends, my cousin. Those roads helped me process situations with my job, my marriage, my parenting, my life. Those roads never cared if I cursed at myself or encouraged myself.

They were always there. They still are. This isn't farewell forever, just farewell to our daily rendezvous...with me pounding the pavement towards a stronger me.

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