Saturday, June 30, 2012

Pack, Pack, and Let's Move Already!

This past month has been a trying one on my fitness regime. For the past month, it's been all about packing to  move across town to a place closer to the boys' schools. While it's all great, and we are all really excited, my fitness has suffered. Since we all know I'm short on time already, I've often had to decide to pack or run, pack or get my weights in. My 10 minute rule usually doesn't pan out. I have been running with my Sunday running buddy, but that's about it. Once a week really doesn't cut it for me.

Good thing is, I FEEL the urge to run, pop an X2 DVD in, do some AB Ripper 2, anything! Since the beginning of May, my fitness regime was my habit, but I wasn't "feeling it". This weekend begins the actual move, and I'm happy to say, on July 5th, I get to get back to normal. And if I see another box again, I just might chunk it across the room!

How do you handle your fitness while moving?

Have a safe and wonderful weekend!

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  1. Girl, I hear ya! Not that I have moved, but I have been so busy lately my fitness regimen went out the window. I did only the bare minimum. Now, I am chomping at the bit to work out. It feels good to want to do it you know? Glad your move went well, and sounds like you love your new neighborhood. --Lanae


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