Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Run, Lift, Stretch, Repeat.

Even though I am on a high from my workouts this week, I feel the repetition sneaking up to me...already. Run on Monday, Run on Tuesday, Stretch and Strength on Wednesday, Run on get the picture. I love to run, but I hate repeating...especially on the treadmill.

My favorite new friend? The pre-programmed runs. It makes me work or I fall off. It adds the little bit of variety I need to keep running. The incline, the resistance, the speed changes. I like them. I like them enough to consider running indoors a bit more. Considering I hate the treadmill and would rather run outside, but the weather is just a bit iffy in March, I'm up at the rec center, running like a hamster in her cage. I'm okay with that though.

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  1. i like the 'running like a hamster in her cage'1 that's how it feels and looks at my gym!


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