Monday, March 1, 2010

A Year Later

Lately, I've been beating myself up for gaining pounds instead of losing. It was my own fault. Skipping workouts to relax from a busy schedule. It's no excuse. I need the exercise, and this month I vowed to attack my workouts like I attack on the soccer field.

Yet, as I was updating my weight log, I took a look back to the first time I entered my weight on the log. March 23, 2009. I was at 165 and could barely run without stopping for walks. Fast forward to March 1, 2010. I'm at 148...still 17 pounds less than a year ago, even with the gain. 22 pounds less than when I started in January of last year. I'm playing soccer again. I'm running 3-5 miles easily. I'm running races. I do 30 minute weight sessions. I do an hour of yoga. My "workout" schedule is renamed my "training" schedule. No, I'm nowhere where I wanted to be by this time, which was gearing up to run a half marathon. I've postponed my half marathon a month or two, but I'm gearing up for a 5K and a Warrior Dash this Spring. A half marathon IS in my near future.

So, when I take a long look at the big picture. I have become successful. Losing weight is the easy part.

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  1. Yes! Be happy and that is great progress! Nice job at looking at the big picture.
    lookout 5k in the Spring!;-)


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