Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bucket List 1-30

This morning I was thinking of things I'd like to do over the summer, which led me to start thinking about my bucket list. After asking my Facebook friends what's one thing on their bucket list, I finally put mine, well part of it, down in writing. I do believe about half of my list is sports/adrenaline related. Tell me, what's on your bucket list?

1. Run at least one marathon
2. Complete at least one Ironman triathilon.
2. Climb the Grand Canyon
3. Sky-dive.
4. Know how to properly shoot a pistol, rifle and a shotgun.
5. Travel the world (preferably by backpack).
6. Write one novel/book.
7. Publish said novel/book.
8. Live in Europe for at least a year.
9. Spend one full month in Greece with my love.
10. Visit Hemingway's Key West, FL.
11. Parasail.
12. Learn one form of martial arts.
13. Learn how to play guitar and piano.
14. Volunteer at a children's charity close to my heart.
15. Have a one-on-one with one of my favorite soccer players.
16. Run at least one race in all 50 states.
17. Perfect the perfect pasta dish.
18. Climb the Mayan Ruins.
19. Go on a deep sea fishing trip without vomiting.
20. Ride an elephant.
21. Bungee jump off a famous bridge.
22. Learn Japanese, French and German (calling Rosetta Stone).
23. Motorcycle-trip the full length of Route 66.
24. Build a creative studio.
25. Mud wrestle.
26. Learn how to snow board.
27. Learn how to surf.
28. Go to Burning Man
29. Hike the GR20 Corisca.
30. Cave dive.

"Live as well as you dare."-- Sydney Smith

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  1. Great list! We want to spend a year living in Europe, as well. You have decidedly more active plans than I do though. I would be happy just to see the Grand Canyon. I love that you aspire to climb the Grand Canyon.


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