Tuesday, June 28, 2011

P90X Week 1: Recap & Results

If you asked me to describe the first week of P90X in one sentence, here it goes: it kicked my ass, but I love it and I want more. First off, thanks to everyone following this adventure of mine. It sure seems to be a joyride, eh? I had several opportunities to get discouraged and throw in the towel, but I refused. I had to make myself recognize that I still am not at my normal strength level, and actually pretty well below it.

On Day 6, I woke up at 6 a.m. to do the Kenpo X. I physically could not do it. It took everything in me to take a shower and get myself to work for my weekend shift. On Day 7, even after a good 10-11 hours of sleep, I still did not feel well enough to attempt even the X Stretch. I'm pretty sure I was just beyond tired as well having some low iron days too. I literally slept the day away.

Not all is lost though! I still managed to end the week with some pretty surprising (at least to me) results. Drum roll please.... 3 inches lost in the waist as well as 1.5 inches in hips. I also saw marginal losses in each thigh, which is still awesome. My jaw still drops when I see those numbers (and I measured 3 times to make sure). I can honestly tell you I have never seen that kind of loss, ever, and to lose it at a point where I feel like I'm in pretty decent shape and modifying the program. Wow.

Yes, I am a bad blogger that not only forgot to weigh herself again (I don't believe in the scale), I also didn't take Week 1 pics because my body didn't seem much different than the beginning photos. I guess I know better now, huh?

I think I realized a couple of my struggles this past week: cutting into my sleep to work out and intaking enough good calories (target about 2700 with my activity level) to keep my body fueled while also trying to intake about a gallon of water a day. The sleep issue became a moot point when I told myself I need to be an evening workout person. I need to get the workout in right after work or sometime in the evening while my kiddos are preoccupied. The extra hour of sleep right now is crucial to my fitness. The calorie intake I'm still trying to balance. Following suggestions with my Meal Planner on teambeachbody.com, I've made sure to mix protein (i.e., cottage cheese, yogurt, etc.) with my fruit, have slightly bigger portions (this scares the crap out of me), and make sure I eat...all the time. I am looking into adding the P90X Recovery Drink and/or Shakeology to help up my nutritional needs as well during this extreme program.

With clearer objectives in mind, I transition into Week 2. The routine is the same as Week 1. Look for a late week update as well as Week 2 results intermingled with some Women's World Cup posts! Go USWNT!!!

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  1. Inspiring! love your blog, and your results! I weighed, but I didnt measure :-( Gotta get that done!


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