Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Save Yourself

Before I started running and learning how to positively change my mindset, I constantly wished for a hero. I looked to my husband, my friends, acquaintances, anyone who could rescue me from the life I was living. All I found was pieces of the whole hero package I was looking for so desperately.

Part of it was the depression I had not recognized yet. Part of it was my loss if self-confidence.

Slowly but surely, confidence came back. As I made accomplishments in my running, weight lifting, on the soccer field, etc., I gained part of myself that I had lost; the pieces of the whole package were coming back together.

I write this to you now as someone who has rescued herself. Someone who has changed her life from the downward spiral I thought I was in to the life I want. I am content with how I go through each day. Yes, I still have "relapses" of the mopey, Debbie Downer syndrome, but I remember the life I have built for myself, the ones that I love, and the rescuing I did.

How have you been your own hero lately?

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