Saturday, June 2, 2012

Another Soccer Player Emerges

Today was the Cy-Guy's first soccer game! As a passionate soccer player myself, today was an exciting day in our household. Cy's only ever played around with me in the yard or at parks. Organized soccer, here we come.

Cy is #11 for Team Lightning in the U6 Division for the indoor league. His number is special because it's right behind mine (10).

Cy was cool and collected from the moment we walked into the gym. He waited with a few of his fellow teammates to play the first portion of the first half. When they called for subs, he went in as goalie. Out of the 4 shots taken on him, he only let one slip by. Not bad for a kid who's never played keep.

My little Cy-Guy, fellow soccer player!

After halftime, he went in on the court. He's a fast runner, and his head is on a swivel. Natural instincts, I tell ya. He had a couple of breaks and stopped a few plays from the other team.

All in all, he had fun, and did awesome! I'm so glad he enjoys the game and hopes he continues to find sports just as fun as his mom did (and if he sticks with soccer, I won't lie, I'd be overjoyed!)

Here's a couple of short videos I took during his game. (Warning! I'm still learning how to record and cheer at the same time.)

This one is part of his goalie time.

This one is him on the court

I'm such a proud mom right now!!! Let the soccer tradition continue!

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