Monday, August 8, 2011

P90X Week 6: Recap and Results

This week I hit P90X pretty hard. Excitement about the changed up arm routines helped enough to keep pushing me through it (and the selfish desire to have kick ass abs). The only things that really seem like an obstacle right now are :

  • my wrists, which are super painful during all push ups (I really need to invest in push up bars),
  • me forgetting to re-lace my workout shoes from my running lacing to just general workout lacing. Jumping around in looser ( is that even a word?) laced shoes leads to sore ankles which I know I will pay for once soccer season gets here.
  • Waking up at 5 a.m. Last week, I have been the only person in my house that NEEDS to be up at any particular time. When P works, I get up at 5, so I can spend at least 30 minutes with him before he leaves. He's been off work lately, but I am still getting desperately trying to keep myself on schedule.
Little obstacles, that's all.

This week was one filled with not just P90X. Add in three soccer training sessions as well. Currently, I am getting one of my friends ready for the soccer season and the extra training doesn't hurt me either. We had four sessions scheduled for this week, but I was plum exhausted. I did my X Stretch yesterday and called it a day. With the season starting in two weeks, it looks like double workouts are a consistent part of my schedule. (insert big smile)


As you can see, I've gained one pound, but lost a total of 0.9 inches: 0.5 inch at the waist and 0.2 inches off each thigh. When I first saw the scale, I was like "Whhhaaaa??", but then I realized the super cool muscle I'm feeling develop in my thigh, a.k.a., my quad. It's pretty cool because I'm so used to a broad muscle, and now I'm feeling definition. I really hope they are the reason for my awesome kicks lately!

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  1. Definitely invest in some push up bars and save your wrists! I have the same issues and last summer when I did p90x I bought some at TJMaxx for 10 dolla


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