Tuesday, August 30, 2011

P90X Week 9: Recap and Results

This week was, well, nothing short of crazy, to say the least. Here's a little of everything happening:
  • First week of school with the boys (T started middle school and the Cy-guy starting his second year of Pre-K)
  • I cut my hours at work to about 30 hours a week.
  • P's hours start picking up at work so his crazy schedule begins too.
  • Planning the Cy-guy's 5th birthday party
  • Planning out a running P90X hybrid schedule with my soccer season.
So, my head has been spinning a bit, but I made sure to stay consistent with my workouts. During the workouts, I'm pushing hard too. My goal is to be as sweaty as possible at the end of the workout. Since I'm working out indoors, I don't have to fight humidity, but I need to make myself sweat. Sweat is liquid awesome, as I like to say. At this busy time, P90X is really my only stress relief and since I went part time at work, it's my only "me" time too. I really like this last month of P90X. The arm/chest/shoulder workouts are mixed up every week rather than the same repetition for three weeks. I have to admit, I am struggling with the Ab Ripper X. I was getting to the point of finishing it consistently or not taking breaks for my lower back, but this week I had to dig deep to bring it on the abs. My desired 6-pack just might have to wait.


My weight seems to be on the decline again, but I have to be cautious to make sure it's not dehydration again. With the hot soccer games lately, it's a possibility I need to remember. Other than that I'm maintaining and loving it. I can tell you I am feeling a little burn out, but I think it's more the hectic schedule right now than the actual P90X.

Here's to 3 weeks left of the first 90 day cycle!

Oh! If you have any questions for me or just curious about products I train with, foods I eat, whatever. Please...shoot me an email at carin.schaab@yahoo.com!

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