Thursday, August 11, 2011

Three Things: Chicking, Balls, and Boys

It's been a fantastic week. Geared up with training for both soccer season and racing again, the jock in me is beyond elated.

1. Chicking: Trying to accustom myself to the heat and to regular running again, I went out for a run on Tuesday night. At 8:30. It was still 100°. The run was great! Slight breeze, sun setting, sprinklers, good music, you name it. Not too long of a run, 2.34 miles, but the best part of it, I ran half of it in just my sports bra. I normally don't do that, but it was way too hot to care about silly things like looks. Guys are so lucky. They get to run shirtless and feel the wind. No wonder I look like a dead horse when I get in from a run...I have to wear extra layers! Besides, I got an extra confidence boost when I chicked two twenty-year-old guys and they did a double take!

2. Balls: Last week, I kicked the crap out of my soccer ball. Really, shooting practice punctured my ball somehow and again I was on the ball hunt. Got an awesome ball...

yet it was aired too much. Geez, it was hard on the feet last night, like bruising through my cleat hard. Balls sometimes suck.

3. Boys: This is non-sports-related, but I finished registering my boys for this upcoming school year (they start in about a week). The Cy-guy is all set for the second year of Pre-K. Everything is copacetic with him. Same school, same teacher, even most of the same classmates, just maybe a different time. T, on the other hand, is starting middle school. Yesterday at registration, I nearly had the "omg, my boy is not old enough for this" panic attack...especially after seeing the 8th grade cheerleaders in their uniforms (short skirts) and the other little girls in their little spaghetti strap tanks and super short skirts and shorts. I'm standing in all these lines and filling out paperwork internally freaking out not only about this big grade level change, but now about the "girl factor". Oye. Looks like I planned my marathon training just in time.


  1. I so know the feeling, my oldest started middle school last year. All I could think of was isn't he my baby? He loved it and did really well, and no girlfriends, yet :) Both your boys are going to do awesome!!

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one. And yes, I thought that too...STILL do!


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