Wednesday, August 24, 2011

P90X Week 8: Results and Recap

Can anyone say "Thank you, Recovery Week?!?!?!"

Last week ended up being a blessing in disguise, despite my enthusiasm to hit the weights and plyos hard! Between soccer training, work, P90X, and this unusually long streak of 100°+ temperatures, I had started to fade...quickly. I had read on the P90X message boards from, as well as many other reviews that it can happen. The body just plain pooping out from the intense activity on top of a normal schedule.

On last Monday, I had planned to workout after my early morning doctor's appointment. I had to get in to switch my birth control to the Implanon, an arm implant to last for three years. After my doctor put it in and was giving me the care instructions for the week, she said "No lifting, and for you that especially means no weights, no push ups, and if it hurts, no running." My heart sank, but I knew I had to listen to her.

I promptly got home, pulled up my P90X schedule and realized it's Recovery week! Woohoo! No weights. Actually the only workout I couldn't do fully was the Core Synergistics due to pushups. A week with extra yoga and stretching made it possible for me not to find an alternative schedule for the week. I ended up being pretty rested for my first soccer game on Sunday!


I found this week that I only lost in the waist. Not a big loss, but it's the first time I can remember seeing a waist measurement below 30 inches! I also noticed that most of my measurements and weight are about the same as I started, but I'm not too concerned about that. I've had several questions of why do I think I'm gaining and if I'm disappointed. I'm gaining and having increasing measurements because I've been working to build muscle and change my body shape. There is no way I'm disappointed! I'm very pleased with the results I'm getting. I'm seeing strength where I never thought I could imagine it. Despite the incredible heat during my soccer game, I still felt pretty strong, stronger than I felt at the end of last season. Remember, I still have 4 weeks left of this first complete round to "Bring It!" After all, I need to work up to P90X2!!! Check it out!


  1. Good work, Carin! Yay! My weight and measurements have also remained the same, but I saw some people Saturday who said I'd lost a ton of weight - in the two weeks since I last saw them? Alright, I don't SEE it, but I'll trust 'em. Ha! Thanks for the motivation!

  2. I would love to have a waist smaller than 30 inches!! Way to go for listening to ur body!


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