Monday, December 31, 2012

Mamavation Monday: December 31

Christmas and everyone home on break really has thrown me off on everything.

Here's my workouts for last week:

Monday: No workout. Not having class really threw off my schedule.
Tuesday: Christmas. Yea … nada.
Wednesday: Les Mills Combat 45 Power Kata
Thursday: Observed (which means taking) a Silver Sneakers MSROM class. I'm a sub for this class and will be teaching it at another rec center soon.
Friday: Combat 60 Extreme Warrior Fighter
Saturday: Nada … I have no idea why.
Sunday: I was supposed to run with my buddy but then got distracted by baking and purging the kitchen after she needed to reschedule.

Here's the plan for this week (I've got it scheduled on my calendar so I refuse to skip workouts):

Monday: Les Mills Combat Kick Start 30 and teach Silver Sneakers Yoga Stretch class (DONE!)
Tuesday: 3-5 mile run
Wednesday: Start date of my Warrior Combat Challenge Group. Les Mills Combat Kick Start 30
Thursday: Combat HIIT: Power and Inner Warrior (Stretch)
Friday: Combat 30 and Core Attack. Then, teach YogaStretch.
Saturday: Combat HIIT: Plyo and Inner Warrior
Sunday: Run day and Combat 45 Power Kata

I'm sure there will be more running involved. I'm at a crux with my running and really trying to focus on strength and endurance right now. I'm purposely not scheduling runs so I avoid overuse injuries and boredom. I really think my Combat Challenge group will accomplish everything I'm looking to do right now and running will come back to me soon.


  1. Good schedule for next week :D

  2. I am really liking how you schedule your workouts a week ahead! I might have to give that a try!!!

    Getfit Lind

  3. You are awesome! I'm excited to meet you. Happy New Year!

  4. Woot! Looks like an awesome schedule and you're totally going to kick butt in 2013! :-)


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