Monday, December 17, 2012

Weekly Check In: December 17

Wow, what a week! I was accepted into the Mamavation Sistahood, my Les Mills Combat DVD program came in and I turned in my notice at my "desk job" to pursue my career in the fitness industry full time! Here's my weekly workout check in:

Here is what I did last week:

Monday: Venus, Week 2, Day 1 and teach YogaStretch class
Tuesday: Les Mills Combat Kick and walk group
Wednesday: Venus, Week 2, Day 2, Les Mills Combat Core Attack and Inner Warrior Stretch & Strength
Thursday: Walk Group
Friday: Les Mills Combat Ultimate Warrior Workout
Saturday: Rest Day
Sunday: 5.35 mile run and Les Mills Combat Upper Body Blow Out

This is my plan for this week:

Monday, Les Mill Combat 30 LIVE and teach Yoga Stretch class

Tuesday:Les Mills Combat HIIT: Power and Inner Warrior and walk group in the evening
Wednesday: Les Mills Combat 30 and Core Attack. 
Thursday: Les Mills Combat HIIT: Plyo and Inner Warrior, then my evening Walk Group
Friday: Les Mills Combat 45
Saturday: Les Mills Combat Warrior 2 (or Lower Body Lean Out)
Sunday: Minimum of a 5 mile run. 

 I'm really excited to see how this cardio and strength program is going to affect my running. I had already decided to only run 3 days a week to see how it helps my knee, but my run was so awesome Sunday, I can't wait to see how the results of Combat really amp up my endurance.

What does your week look like? Do you have a heavy fitness schedule or are you taking it easy during the holidays?


  1. Welcome and good job on your activities.

  2. Welcome to Mamavation! It looks like you had an awesome fitness week! If you have any questions please feel free to reach out (@ShannonMSander).

  3. Sounds like an awesome week to me! :-)


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