Thursday, June 9, 2011

3TT: Still Recovering

I've been away for a few days taking care of me. More like total and complete rest, actually. I find it amazing how a kidney stone can bring even the healthiest to their knees. Yet, I realize I'm still learning more and more as recovery lingers on.

1. Recovery from a kidney stone is worse than both of my all natural, drug-free childbirths to this active, Type-A, semi-ocd personality. Even as tired as I was after both deliveries, I was still up and running around like normal with a week to 10 days. I'm currently at 3 weeks within recovery. I read in several places that average recovery from a kidney stone is 4-6 weeks. (ugh.)

2. Recovery time feels like actual time x 1,000 days (or something to that effect). I truly feel like I've been sick or off my feet for almost three months. Just this morning, I looked at the calendar and realized the time passed has only been three weeks. I feel there is only so much sitting on my ass I can do while watching movies and reading.

3. I truly know how to listen to my body now. I thought I did pretty well before all of this, but now each little twinge or discomfort tells me something. I can read the signs of wearing down before I actually get there. I think it's a little of me getting tired of losing a day or two after doing too much and a little me learning to read physical signals. I do know this.....I can't wait to feel "normal" again.


  1. It's going slower than expected, but everyday is better!


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