Friday, June 24, 2011

P90X Day 5: Loving the Legs

Day 5 consisted of Legs and Back plus Ab Ripper X. After resting yesterday (thank you crazy digestive system) and a great night of sleep, I was ready to slash today's workout. My legs have always been stronger than my core and upper body. It's sometimes considered the curse of soccer players.

I loved the Legs and Back workout. The warm up and stretching alone helped me get my hammies completely stretched out. The last six months has been a struggle when it comes to my hammies. I often felt like I had dried up rubber bands in the backs of my legs, but not today! The Legs part consisted of squats, lunges, and various other body weight type exercises, but still it's mainly squats and lunges in many different versions. I really loved the way you were shown how to modify the exercises for less or more intensity. With adding more weight or more movement, you could really get your legs shredded. Heck, you could turn it into whole other plyo workout if you wanted. There's this one 'triple lunge with a kick' move that totally blew my coordination out of the water. I'll get it; probably by week 12, but I'll get it!

The Back part consisted of pull ups with grip variations, just like in the first work out. I definitely needed a stronger band. I did not want to be wasted by the time I got home from my workday though. I really want to slash the back workouts because as soon as I finish this round, I get to finish the BIG ink on my back. Just thinking about it makes me want to do a happy dance! *Wiggling with joyous excitement like my 4 year old* I ran out of time for the Ab Ripper, so I'll need to carve out 15 minutes this evening to bust it out.

Super positive note! It's day 5, and results are already noticed. Today I'm wearing a shirt that usually buttons a bit too tightly across the chest (you know, that one little gap that men love to try and sneak a peek through). It's buttoned and laying completely flat. I also noticed the cap sleeves aren't so tight on my upper arms. Very minimal results, but I wore this blouse two weeks ago, so it's noticeable. Minimal, but quick results of sticking to it and working hard.


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