Tuesday, June 21, 2011

P90X Day 1: Jumping Right In

These first couple of weeks of this round of P90X, I'll be telling you that how this program can be modified to create less intensity and impact on your body until you feel comfortable hitting it full strength. You don't have to be in recovery to modify it either, you just have to bring it.

Today's workout is Chest and Back with Ab Ripper X at the end. I took it easy with only 5lb. resistance bands to simulate pull ups (a pull up bar would be too dangerous in our house with our two monkeys boys) and 2 lb dumbbells. I know the weight is really light, but I wanted to take no chances on injury since I'm just getting back into the groove. The only other modification I did was knee (or girlie) push ups for all but the decline and divebomber push ups. This was a big ego pill to swallow since only about six weeks before I could complete 100 standard push ups with no modification at one time.

In general, the Chest and Back workout rocked. It's a bunch of variations of pull ups and push ups. I do know I either need heavier weights and bands or more reps. I guess my weakling arms aren't as weak as I thought! Ab Ripper X, though, was a different story. My core has always been a tough area for me to work, but it took a beating during my kidney stone issue and recovery. Fortunately, I knew enough to modify the exercises where I needed to as well as take breaks to not injure my back.

All in all, I loved getting moving again. I kind of regret not ever doing a full round of P90X before now, but as Tony Horton frequently reminds you throughout the workouts, "Do your best; forget the rest".

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