Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Preparing for P90X

I contemplated on if I should start any of the versions (Classic or Lean...I was staying far away from Doubles) of P90X since I'm coming off 4 weeks of basically no exercise at all for medical recovery. My doc wanted me to take it easy, a sort of take it as I can type of mentality towards getting back into exercise. I had to do something, anything, to just get off my ass and move. I decided to modify the Classic P90X schedule with lighter weights and bands as well as less reps and smaller movements until I feel my body is getting strong enough to go full force again.

Since before any round of P90X measurements and pictures are essential to tracking your progress, I took measurements and pictures. I did skip the Fit Test (I know, I know), but due to family emergencies, I said screw it. (I still can't believe I'm putting the results of doing nothing for four weeks up on the big WIDE web.)

Beginning Measurements:

Right Arm: 10.75"

Left Arm: 10.75"

Chest: 36"

Natural Waist: 34"

Belly: 36"

Hips: 40"

Right Thigh: 20.25"

Left Thigh: 20.75"

Right Calf: 14"

Left Calf: 14.25"

Before Pics: (here goes nothing)

If you haven't seen what P90X is all about, take a little peek here to grasp a bit of the intensity.

If you want more info on P90X, contact me here!


  1. well, your "before" would be amazing results for me. hot, mama!


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