Wednesday, June 22, 2011

P90X Day 3: Wishing for Weight

Let's just say this day was easy-peasy. Shoulders and Arms, sounds like it should bring on the burn. It did...a little. It's my own fault though. I stuck with my tiny mobile dumbbells of 2 lbs. Granted, I harbored a bit of fear of overdoing it or getting injured. Mostly, I think I wanted to get all the way through the workout and know for sure I could up the weight next week.

Yet, see, that's the beauty of P90X. I can modify as much as I feel I need to and then make adjustments (even mid-workout if I want) next time. I felt like I had a half-ass workout this morning, and maybe I should have done the Ab Ripper X instead of waiting until this evening. Again, all my own fault, but no all. I have next week to step it up with more than enough confidence that I can handle it.

I had hoped to have P snap a shot of me in the middle of the gun show training workout, but I got pleasantly surprised when he told me next time he's borrowing my mat for his sit ups!

Day 2 results: Pooped after plyos. Slept almost all evening AND then a full night's of sleep. Oh! My ass is getting more sore by the minute as this day passes on (thank you, Tony Horton for making me do all those squats).

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