Friday, June 3, 2011

One Fav Running Spot

One of my favorite places to run is located on the far west side of my neighborhood right before cityside meets countryside. For the last few months, this entire area has been under construction as it undergoes transformation. This area used to be a local hotel golf course, but over the years my alma mater has purchased the land, built dorms on it, and expanded the athletic complex, a.k.a, Mean Green Village. As of last year, the lovely university began construction on a new football stadium, which resulted in the loss of 95% of all run worthy trails and paths. My running heart was broken, but I adjusted my routes and actually began running further distances as a result.

Over Memorial Day Weekend, we decided to go picnic at the accompanying duck pond in this area. To my surprise, I saw that several running routes that were previously closed with black, garbage bag-esque fences had been reopened to complete the loop around the pond. Also, several new gravel and paved trails leading around the pond and towards the stadium and dorms were installed. What a runner's delight!

Now to get back up to strength so I can go run these paths like crazy!

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