Tuesday, June 21, 2011

P90X Day 2: Slightly Dragging

Day 1 truly wore my ass out. Yesterday afternoon, I ended up taking about an hour and a half nap while my boys watched a DVD on the couch beside me. (Yes, I know I shouldn't have, but hey, it happens). This morning's alarm went off at 5:20 a.m. To be honest, this once 5 a.m. regular waker has not willingly seen anything before 6 a.m. in months. After a restless night with thunderstorms, I reluctantly got out of bed. Once I realized why I was up and at 'em, excitement began to build. It was Plyos day. (As much as they suck, I have always loved plyos, even as much as you'll hear me bitch about them.)

Plyos or ...
plyometrics (ˌplaɪəʊˈmɛtrɪks)
— pl n
( functioning as singular ) a system of exercise in which the muscles are repeatedly stretched and suddenly contracted.
Thank you dictionary.com
A.k.a. jump training or using jumping movements to create speed and strength. Plyos are an intense cardio workout that work your lungs and heart as much, if not more, than the legs and core. Plyos have been in some form of my workouts since I was at least 13. I am more than familiar with them (and I still love to hate them).
This morning, I took this hour easy. With smaller movements and many step-throughs instead of jumping, I decreased the high impact of this workout. I still ended the hour in sweat and still downed a bottle of water throughout the hour. Even later, I'm still a bit tired. My body is just getting in the groove again, and it's a tough groove to remember.

Note: The only soreness I feel from yesterday is my lower abdomen, which indicates I need to pick it up on the Chest and Back workout next week. Also, my metabolism has already jump started back to like it is when I run.


  1. I totally understand the nap thing, lol. Don't feel guilty. We all need it sometimes :)

    I totally have a love/hate relationship with p90x plyo... I really should get past the first couple weeks at least once, lol.

  2. The nap was needed. I've also adjusted my bedtime all this week for more sleepies.

    You should try to push past the first couple of weeks with me. :D


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