Thursday, June 16, 2011

3TT: What to Learn from the Mavs

All week since the Mavs won the NBA title (the first in 30+ years) Sunday night, everything around here has been Mavs this and Mavs that. Even this morning, the news covered basically only the Victory Parade information. As I type this, live news coverage of the parade describes the details of the celebration. Even though I'm not a huge basketball fan, I am a huge sports fan, and many of my life lessons have come from playing sports. With that in mind, here's a few things we can all (especially athletes) can learn from the Mavs.

1. Persistence. The Mavs just kept at it, minute after minute, game after game. The Mavs rarely have flashy plays or major memorable shots, but they kept at it and kept making shot after shot. Their persistence in solid defense and offensive plays wore the Miami Heat down. The Mavs showed the world that consistency and tenacity pays off.

2. Trust in your team. Even though Dirk (one of the most notable Mavs players) did not play his best Sunday night, he trusted his team to make shots and keep their game play at a top level. They came through and brought the entire team to victory. Anyone who plays or has played team sports knows that if you cannot depend on or trust your team, the team breaks down. Even solo athletes and non-athletes need to depend on their support system of coaches, family, friends, etc. Support is essential to succeeding in your endeavors.

3. Finish strong. Any Mavs fans knows the Mavs put it all on the table in the 3rd and 4th quarters of nearly every game. They may be known as the "Comeback Kids", but their consistency to finish games strong brought them the title they were working toward for years. With any project, workout, game or race, finishing strong is key. Your finish shows all the determination, the effort, the time and the attitude you have put in.

Take these lessons and incorporate them into everything you do; your creative projects, your running, your training, your business.

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